10 best generators to create online memes

Memes are part of our day to day, they try to communicate an event that happened in a different, funny and sometimes jocular way, but do we really know what a meme is and how can we create a meme?

In the article you will find some tips that will be very useful when making a meme and also a list of the best generators of online memes.

I finish the article with a selection of the most popular examples of memes in 2017.

According to Wikipedia, a  meme is, in the theories about Buy Facebook Followers cultural diffusion, the theoretical unit of cultural information transmissible from one individual to another, or from one mind to another, or from one generation to the next. It is a neologism coined by Richard Dawkins in  The Selfish Gene  ( The Selfish Gene ), by the phonetic similarity to “gene” – gene  in English language and to point out the similarity with “memory” and “mimesis”.

Perhaps an overly theoretical definition of what a meme is, but the undoubted thing is that a communicative element that is part of our lives and that tells us a media event from a very different perspective, and which logically always gives a lot to talk about and generates a great virality in social networks.

They are a fun way of communication that is fashionable and will continue to be for a long time.If you are thinking about doing a meme, and you do not know very well how you have to do it, follow these step-by-step recommendations that will help you create your first meme.

Before thinking of a funny phrase to add to your meme, think about whether you will associate it to tell a current event or if it is relative to a person or brand, and define a bit the theme of what you want to do your meme.

For example, suppose you finish watching the movie of “The Lord of the Rings”, or just read the book, which incidentally I love, and want to make a meme of the film, because I’m already clear on the subject .

Think of a funny phrase that is associated well with the message you want to communicate.

I will associate for example the phrase “You can not pass” that says in the first movie when faced with the ancient demon called “Balrog”.

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