How to write an email that is open and read

Ok, you already have your email marketing strategy defined and you are safe from being cataloged as a spammer.

Now comes the most difficult: get your subscriber to click on your email and read it .

Do not think that because you have subscribed to your blog you will open all your emails. Do you think you are the center of the world? The most likely thing is that after an hour you do not even remember that you subscribed to your blog. And of course you are not the only blog to which you have subscribed.

Think of yourself: how many blogs or newsletters are you registered with?

Multiply that number by 2 and you will be close to the real number.

And this leads us to the fact that the inbox is a war without quarter. Your email must fight against the rest of the emails because it is the one that calls attention and is open.

Because an email that does not open is an email that goes straight to the trash. Is it clear?

Let’s see what your weapons are in this fight.

When you get an email you only see 2 fields:

  1. Sender
  2. Affair

That’s the first impact that is received from your email and the difference between being opened or going to waste.

With the sender it is very important that people recognize the sender of the message. If they do not identify you, I can assure you that your email is a direct KO.

Do not use company names or the domain of your blog if it is not your name. It is important that you put your first and last name or, at least, your name. Only if you have a very common name can you put the 2 things. Some examples:

  • Franck
  • Franck Scipion
  • Franck Scipion from Lifestyle to Square

2. The subject: “WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? (What’s here for me?) “

And we come to the matter.

If we measure the success of an email marketing campaign by its opening rate, I assure you that 90% of the result will depend on what you have put in this field . In this case, you face the same problem that we can have with the titles of your tickets .

I give you ideas for your affairs that will improve your opening rate:

  1. It has to be explicit.
  2. It has to be interesting and sexy in some way.
  3. It has to hook and arouse curiosity.
  4. The benefit of opening that email has to be understood. But be careful, do not make promises that you will not fulfill, you risk being punished by a subscriber who feels cheated.