How to quickly grow the number of subscribers on your mailing list

And we reach the last key point. Without subscribers there is no email marketing, and there are no future customers for your products or services.

Before entering into various strategies, I reiterate the most important idea when it comes to getting subscribers: the key is in the offer . If you want your subscriber list to grow endlessly, it presents an attractive value proposition to your readers.

Clarified that, we are already going for more concrete techniques.

1. Clear and visible forms

This point we already discussed in depth in this post . Forget about the idea that “if the reader wants to register he will look for the form on the web”. That is bullshit. The user has to put it easy and the more, the better.


The first thing a reader sees when he enters Antonio G.’s blog is the possibility of downloading his guide. Loud and clear.

The same thing happens in my blog and in the majority of people who have a list with 4, 5 or 6 figures. Take a walk through the blogosphere and you will see it.


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