How is Giphy used? About service news

Have you thought about using Giphy in your digital marketing ? No, we have not gone completely crazy. The most popular GIF platform on the internet has many more options than it seems at first glance, buy youtube views and popular brands such as the NBA or Warner are already making use of them. So that you do not fall behind, let’s see what this platform consists of and how to get the most out of your brand.

First of all … what is Giphy?

Giphy is a GIF platform known mainly by its search engine. It exists since 2013 but started to become famous a few years later, when Twitter began to allow sharing and viewing these types of files on its network. The initiative was an immediate success, but originally the process of finding and publishing the GIFs was somewhat cumbersome. Therefore, Twitter ended up including a library of Giphy files integrated into the social network itself. Thanks to this, today the GIF search engine has 10 million active users per day.

How can I use Giphy for my brand?

If you want to use Giphy to do online marketing , the first thing you need to know is that you can upload your own GIFs for free. And is that most of the content of this platform has been created and uploaded by the users themselves.

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For this, Giphy offer a very intuitive creator and editor of GIFs, which allows you to create these files from your own images and videos, merge several GIFs, adapt them to different social networks and a long etcetera.

As with other elements of your content marketing , it is not enough to create and upload your GIF, you also have to have a good dissemination strategy. For this, there are two fundamental aspects to consider:

  • The labels . The words with which you decide to tag your GIF are decisive for users to find it, so put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would look for this type of content. You should also take into account the trending topics of the GIF world, which you can see on Giphy’s own page.
  • The interaction . The most popular GIFs position better and therefore attract more visits. In order for yours to succeed, you will have to give it hype through other channels. We also recommend that you be honest when using the tags: if you use popular terms but have little or nothing to do with the GIF theme, the interaction will suffer.Another option that many users do not know is the Giphy Stickers , similar to Line or Facebook Messenger. Now you can also create yours through an app, so you have one more resource to complement your GIF.
  • Finally, if you really want to take Giphy seriously as a marketing channel, you can create your own official channel . In it you can collect all the GIFs that you have uploaded and classify them according to type, campaign, product or other categories.