Email marketing: examples of issues that increase the opening rate

Did you know that … 47% of email recipients decide whether to open an email or not based solely on the subject, and 69% make the decision to report an email as spam based on the same criteria?As you see, the issues are a crucial issue, buy youtube views worth the redundancy. You just have a few words to convince the user to stay with you, so you need to choose them well. But the good thing is that there are a series of keys that always work. Do you want to know what they are? Do not miss this article!  

Examples of email marketing that work

What resources work in email marketing campaigns and why? Although each brand is a world, there are a number of “lifelong” techniques that can help you focus your campaigns and create effective issues for the emails. Therefore, we have classified the examples into 10 categories according to the resource they use.

1) Sense of urgency / fear of loss

There is a universal psychological principle that applies to almost all people, and it is that we find it very difficult to resist the feeling that we are missing something . Words like “urgent”, “important”, “alert” or “last minute” impact on the opening ratio and make it easier to reach a higher figure, according to Mailchimp.

To take advantage of our marketing campaigns, we can create a sense of scarcity (limited availability) or urgency (limited time). Here are some examples :

  • Your subscription is about to expire.
  • You have a day to see this.
  • Your plan ends tonight.
  • (Weekend only) Take advantage before it’s over!
  • Only today: 50% discount on …
  • Last chance to redeem your points. 

2) Curiosity

The curiosity killed the cat … and its owner, too. A subject that is intriguing encourages us to open the email to know what it is, as when a series leaves us in the middle of the suspense and we need to see the next chapter.

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To pique the curiosity of your recipients, you can ask a question (and answer it in the email), promise the user something interesting or simply surprise him with a statement that is not expected. Here you have more ideas :

  • Do not open this email .
  • Last day to know what this email is about.
  • 10 absurd habits that can make you richer.
  • Is this the best career in marketing?
  • What the prisoners eat.
  • 7 terrible things about Christmas.
  • We have a surprise gift for you!

3) Fun

If you get your recipients to laugh out loud (or at least they smile), you will have a lot of livestock. The fun is a very powerful weapon communicative level.

It is difficult to generate good humor, but the moment it is achieved and the copies are creators of laughter, you will see that your opening rate increases positively.

Take a look at these examples :

  • Where to drink beer right now (sent on a Wednesday at 6.45 in the morning).
  • Licking your phone had never tasted so good.
  • We like to be used.
  • Offers of which we are proud (not like our nephew Marcos).
  • Yes, I’m pregnant. You can stop looking at my belly.
  • 27 people to avoid in the New Year.

4) Vanity

Another great truth of the human being is that deep down we all like to feel accepted by other people and even show off a little.

The vanity is one of the 7 deadly sins and is worth playing occasionally with this capitalicio concept to generate more aperturar between our emails .

See how these campaigns use this resource to improve their opening ratios:

  • Do not wear the fashions of last year.
  • The sport pants that make you a great ass.
  • Inspirational gifts for stylish cyclists.
  • The makeup of the celebrities.
  • Do you want to improve yourself this year?

5) Greed

Another capital sin in which we all fall a little bit … at least when it comes to taking advantage of a good discount is greed .

Offers and special promotions are a great idea to increase your opening ratio but beware: if the discount is too excessive , its effect decreases because users do not believe it is real, according to a study by Adestra.

6) Laziness

Another very common capital sin: we love to save ourselves work. Blessed be laziness and that the rest of the world solve our problems .

Since the lack of time is one of our great ballasts, shortcuts and ease are a very useful hook for the matters of your emails.

These are examples of emails that make life easier for the recipient:

  • Checklist of 5 points to create the final landing page.
  • Hacks to increase your database faster.
  • How to send effective emails to busy people.
  • Mail templates ready to use.
  • 100 easy ideas to write blog articles.

7) Problems and challenges

If you really know your buyer person (and if not, you’re already late!) You know what are the challenges he faces every day. If your email marketingfocuses on solving those problems, they will have many points to open your emails.

For example :

  • How to organize a cheap Christmas meal.
  • Get more space in your kitchen.
  • If you have not won the lottery …
  • How to survive your next night flight.
  • Stop wasting time on unproductive tasks.
  • Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day.

8) Retargeting

The retargeting is an essential part of email marketing strategy . The idea is to send emails to users who have left the conversion process before completing an action (for example, they have selected items for their cart but have not completed the payment ).

These examples are aimed at this type of users to encourage them to move forward:

  • Have you forgotten something? Here you have a 20% discount.
  • The price of the product you are interested in has dropped.
  • Have you missed these new offers?
  • Your XX account is waiting for you.

9) Personalization

According to a 2015 Experian study , including the name in the subject of the emails increases the opening ratio by 29.3% on average in all sectors.