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Searching keywords for ecommerce is a task that goes far beyond using the best known keyword research tools. In addition to the volume of searches or the competition you should also know if that keyword converts and more details. Attentive, because you will see how to do it with this […]

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Below is the guide and template to measure the impact of your brand in the digital world. Board Of Directors Email Database Know the methodology and how to apply it. Since 2012, I launched this methodology which I have called SOCIAL MOMENT OF TRUTH (and it has been updated every […]

Social Moment of Truth Digital Marketing Indicators (Guide and Template)

Below I share some current statistics of the Digital Ecosystem in Colombia.Associate Vice President Email Database Prepare your Digital Marketing strategy to impact the audiences described here. By 2019, penetration in the country will allow a greater development of the digital economy and entrepreneurship. The growth of Internet users is […]

The Digital Ecosystem in Colombia

For 4 years I have been teaching classes and talks about email marketing and marketing automation, Agency Owner Email Database will help you to reach your target audience for marketing well as developing strategies with different companies on this channel. The first thing I want to tell you is […]

5 claves para lograr exito con email marketing

AUTHOR: Juan David Ramírez Brand Exponential marketing specialist and emotional marketing strategist, community manager and graphic designer.USA Consumer Email Database is the fantastic email marketing list of United Estates. We live obsessed by the new tactic, new tools or ways of doing things, but we forget the basics, we forget […]

LOVETING: The art of falling in love with the client

Every day I meet people who want to be Marketers, Community Managers and influencers and when they ask what content their networks move on, or what valuable content they generate, I find the answer, something I found on the Internet.USA Business Email Database is a powerful sales leads to reach […]

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