Social Moment of Truth Digital Marketing Indicators (Guide and Template)

Below is the guide and template to measure the impact of your brand in the digital world.

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Know the methodology and how to apply it.

Since 2012, I launched this methodology which I have called SOCIAL MOMENT OF TRUTH (and it has been updated every year) and which has been applied in several brands to measure the performance of its Digital Marketing activity.
With this Methodology I was the winner of the INNOVATIVE IDEA OF DIGITAL MARKETING likewise named as best digital project l.

Social Moment of Truth has been evolving the methodology with changes in the digital world. The purpose of the methodology is to unify the measurements in order to identify, by means of a single weight, a percentage score that indicates the digital level of the brand.

Social Moment of Truth has been presented in several countries and seminars, workshops and conferences and today I leave for you the guide and the measurement template. The 2017 version will include Measurement of Apps and Streaming Video.

It is important to identify what Digital Marketing actions you want to measure. Depending on the Strategy, Social Moment of Truth acts as a Balanced Score Card that can be adapted according to the Marketing objectives.

The conversion indicators can be as simple as you want or as complex as the strategy requires. In Social Moment of Truth we must work with the reach of the brand not only in social media, but by projecting these scopes into specific actions that you wish to achieve with the audience.

For this I suggest you start with simple conversions such as:
Leads, Sales, Info Requests etc.
And if you want to advance further, these 6 conversion indicators can help you.

3. Construction of the Matrix
Once the data to be collected is defined, in the SOCIAL MOMENT OF TRUTH matrix you can include new variables additional to the measurements suggested by the methodology.

This measurement allows Benchmark, Marketing studies focused on programmatic and understanding fragmented audiences.
Some of the Digital Marketing data that is collected in the matrix are:

4. Preparation of the Study.

Version 4.1 Social Moment of Truth


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