The appearance of ADELE with GAGA

In the November of 2014, we heard a rumor that, Adele and Gaga would give their tone together in a single song. Though no one could give the surety about the news, but the fan of both Adele and Gaga were waiting for and make count down for the excitement day. Now Lady Gaga is step ahead to make the fact clear. Recently she uploaded a selfi in the village Insta. In that picture the pop star of USA, Gaga is captured with Adele in a one phrame. The caption attached to the selfi mention the fact that, they are spending a good time together. The smiling pose reveals the truth of the news.
What kind of gathering is this? Is this only time pass with each other or they are making their approach to sing together. But there is nothing mentioning about their performance.

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But fans can make their expectations lengthy by reminding the first moment of the rumor. In the last November we came to know from a dependable source that, Adele and Gaga were planning a duet. Though there is no surety about the matter that this very duet must be appeared in the next album of Adele. If both of the pop stars will use their talent to make a classic, then the rumor will come true.