SEO Strategies

SEO is hard work. It takes much effort to optimize just the right elements of your web site so search engines will not only find you, but will also index your site so that it appears high in search query results. And all of that effort must be attended to by you. There are currently no tools that will
put all of the elements of SEO in place for you.dentists email list

Instead, you have to build your web site with SEO in mind, choose all the right keywords, and use them in the right places and balance on your site, determine if pay-per-click and paidinclusion programs are for you, use the right meta tags in the right places, create great content, and add all the right links. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

It is. But don’t let the amount of work overwhelm you. Consistent effort and the strategies included in this part of the book will have you working toward your SEO goals in no time. Each of the chapters in this section contains an explanation of how these elements affect SEO, and how you can create and implement strategies to help you leverage that element to reach your SEO goals.

Chapter 3
Building Your Site for SEO
Chapter 4
Keywords and Your Web Site
Chapter 5
Pay-per-Click and SEO
Chapter 6
Maximizing Pay-per-Click Strategies
Chapter 7
Increasing Keyword Success
Chapter 8
Understanding and Using
Behavioral Targeting
Chapter 9
Managing Keyword and PPC
Chapter 10
Keyword Tools and Service
Chapter 11
Tagging Your Web Site
Chapter 12
The Content Piece of the Puzzle
Chapter 13
Understanding Links and Linking