Keys to create an effective influencer marketing strategy

The marketing of influence ( influencer marketing ) is fashionable and rightly so but, how can we take advantage? buy youtube views

With the boom of social networks and blogging it was inevitable that what happened until recently in other media (television and radio) was transferred to the network of networks. From the beginnings of conventional media, those characters who enjoyed a certain fame or at least followers, ended up mostly sponsoring a product. Today we continue to see celebrities of all sizes representing brands of virtually any type. For example George Clooney with the popular brand of coffee capsules.

As we said, this has been reflected in the internet, social networks and blogs. The influencersenjoy, as the name suggests, in a measurable influence based on their number of followers or fans. Brands have learned that they must take advantage of their potential influence to reach the consumers that interest them.

To achieve this, a good influencer marketing strategy must be built beforehand. Next we will see the main points to consider.

Not all influencer works for your brand

We must start from the premise that not all influencer serves to promote a certain brand. We must find those influencers that move in the sector in which your business develops. You may discover that there are not many, or maybe you are lucky and have a choice.

Let’s take an example. If your business sells tools, you will be interested in locating bloggers influencers who talk about crafts, DIY or even just to try and compare tools.

Not every medium is the right one

Influencers can be found in any social network or blog. But we must bear in mind that the actions carried out by the influencers that move on the Facebook and Instagram networks are much more effective, followed by Twitter and Pinterest.

How to choose the right influencers?

Regardless of the previous point, we must take into account all the factors when deciding on one influencer or another. For this we will value the following:

  • How our target audience is moving
  • In which networks influencers are compatible with the brand and / or product

By checking both data we will quickly identify those influencers that are closest to our audience and therefore those that interest us.

Interaction with the influencer

We must contact the influencer directly by private means, presenting our proposal. To give some examples:

  • Post sponsored.
  • That represents us
  • Make an article for our blog.
  • Invite you to become an affiliate of the store (affiliate marketing).
  • Or even to become the image of the brand in other offline media (TV or radio).

If he accepts, only pure marketing work remains.

One last tip

The influencers are allies of the brands to achieve greater sales and followers, but could also be considered as mercenaries in digital version. Your loyalty has a price and we must be willing to pay it. Or else they may turn against us. If our public respects them, we must do the same.