Double Opt-In Lists

Again, we turned to friend Seth Godin and his permission marketing: the first thing you must do to get your campaigns to arrive is to ask for authorization from the person so you can send them emails. And for that you have to work with double opt-in forms .

This only means that the subscriber must confirm that he accepts to receive the shipments. After putting your information in the form, you will receive an email in which you have to  confirm the activation of the service . If the user does not make this last confirmation, their data will be on your server but will be inactive. The emails will not reach you.

And in case you had any questions, you are legally required to use double opt-in forms.

2. Low snapshot in 1 click

This point is very important because you have to be clear that you are not interested in storing 150,000 emails. It’s not about quantity but quality.

Having people who have no interest in your services or products on your list does not help. Well yes, to lose money with your email marketing software.

It is good to let people leave very easily.  Incorporate in all your emails a link so you can do it with just one click.

Normally this option is already enabled and appears at the end of MailChimp and company messages and templates. Do not take it off

To avoid falling into the spam filters you must also take into account the time of sending. In addition, it does not have any logic that you send your email to 1 or 2 in the morning unless you want to read the owls.

Sending emails at odd hours is very difficult for spam filters, so it is very likely that you end up in the spam folder.

Try sending your email marketing campaigns in a more or less normal schedule. And with normal I mean  from 6 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon.

Come on, you have plenty of time.

4. Watch the language of your affairs

There are words that you can not use in any way . One of them is “free” and the other is “sex”. These 2 words make any choreo ends up in the trash by default.

Beware also of the use of capital letters  in some words of the email subject. This is also a bad practice, try not to do it.

5. Use an email marketing provider with an unblemished reputation

Spam filters analyze the reputation of the IP or the domain from which the email or the newsletter is sent.

Therefore, I recommend that you only use reliable email marketing platforms. I always recommend my readers to use  Mailchimp , but there are also other interesting options like:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit

In addition to having a lot of features, one of the great attractions of these platforms is their reputation. This guarantees that the emails you send will be delivered to their recipients .