Divorce Assistance business email list

Divorce Assistance business email list is a very dangerous topics for any country.
Recently divorced men and women are seeking a fresh start at life. Newly single, they often find themselves looking for a new place to live and buying new home merchandise. Reaching this audience is not always an easy task. At Mailing Lists Direct, we provide mailing lists that bring consumers like those recently separated straight to you! When designing your next direct marketing or Multi-Channel Marketing campaign, turn to the Newly Divorced Mailing List to reach consumers in the market for quality products and services.

These individuals have recently dissolved their marriage and are making important lifestyle changes. They may choose to relocate, go back to school, seek a new job, travel, join a health club, or join a singles club. When searching for new housing accommodations, they purchase bedroom furniture, living room furniture, washers, dryers, automobiles, cookware, dishware, refrigerators, children’s toys and accessories to go with their new home purchase. If you have products or services custom-tailored for this consumer group, this mailing list provides the postal and email info to individuals ready to spend big on new lifestyles.

Tired of stale leads? Our mailing list data is gathered from reliable sources and continually updated to ensure you connect with ideal prospects. Satisfied purchasers of this list include real estate agents, furniture manufacturers, major appliance, financial institutions, mental health facilities, automobile manufacturers, insurance agencies, travel agencies, singles clubs, dating services, utility providers, and credit card issuers.

This is an unusual list, but new divorcees are about to spend a lot of money in real estate, furniture, moving & financial services, insurance and more. With new divorces occurring each day this is a reliable list that is updated monthly. With their newfound freedom, they pursue all forms of self-improvement from weight loss programs to gym memberships to continuing education. They are open to receiving messages from your business to help them better their lives.

In addition to replenishing their households with bed, bath, and kitchen products, they seek wardrobe makeovers, new furnishings, and invigorating activities. They also enjoy new hobbies and interests like sports, travel, crafts, and reading. These prospects are looking for ways to better and enrich their lives. They now have time to work on and explore past interests that may have fallen by the wayside.

What’s the Trigger? The trigger is public records available at the County Courthouse, where the data is updated weekly. Trigger Direct’s New Divorce data can be filtered based on Month & Year of Divorce, Geography (zip, county, SCF, state) and much more.


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Divorce Assistance business email list