What is SEO and how to do web positioning

When it comes to optimizing search engine optimization (abbreviated SEO), we have pretty clear what their purpose: our pages come out at the top when the user searches for certain words related to the content of those pages.

What is not always so clear is what SEO really UK Email List consists of, what can be done, what can not (or should not be) done and, fundamentally, how to perform SEO and what tools can be used and how to achieve said purpose .

To this is added that the scope of SEO has been extended over the years, from being a very mechanical and “robotic” process, in which the focus was on meeting the requirements of the trackers, until it became a process much more creative and “human”, in which prima favors the user experience .

Currently, SEO can no longer be limited to a set of actions performed isolated and arbitrarily in any order, but must follow a pre-established and focused strategy, in addition to getting the first positions, in attracting visits from qualified users that are part of our target audience and solve their needs.

This article aims to go beyond just explaining what SEO is, what it is for and how to do it , putting a bit of order in all this maremágnum of concepts, techniques, strategies and tools that fit within the current conception and trend of SEO.

Although they also name the user experience and the importance that increasingly has for search engines, they do not go into much more detail than to have a quick and easy to navigate website, and have quality content.

In general, these definitions are based on the classic view of SEO, in which searchers tracked and indexed the pages based on a set of parameters in which the matching of keywords and the number of inbound links played the main role.

It’s not that these parameters have now lost all that value, but nowadays search engines are much more than mere web page collectors and keyword counters and inbound links.

And we must have this very clear to understand what is, with current technology, SEO and what we can do to get users to visit our pages and, most importantly, be satisfied with them and not go looking for other pages.

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