What is NOT email marketing?

As always, there are people who think that in any strategy anything goes. People who think that adding value is trying to endorse their readers all their products. Whether they are good or not, they just want their easy money. They are those affected by the Paypaltia or addiction to purchase transactions.

And do you think that is adding value? Not a joke.

Therefore, do not confuse email marketing with:

  • SPAM: send commercial emails without rhyme or reason. Here already it does not matter everything. SPAM is trying to sell by heaviness and stalemate. They are the ones who play to obtain sales by luck and by the law of probability. “If I send 10,000 emails, some sale by force will fall.” Absurd.
  • Bore your readers: a person has just subscribed to your blog because your editorial line likes it and wants to know more about you. But you confuse the one who gave you that little freedom with crushing the post office. Result? Reader unsubscribing

That a reader gives you his email does not imply that you become a robot without a soul . On the contrary, that gesture of trust you have had with you should pay for it by offering even better content. And of course, also vip content: information that only subscribers can access.

Remember Seth Godin himself and his concept of permission marketing. Godin argues that conventional advertising has its days numbered. Such has been the bombing to which they have subjected us, that the advertising messages no longer impact. They slide.

That’s why Godin opts for permission marketing . And this consists of asking the users if they are willing to interact with us.

Of course they will not accept all, but those who do will be much more open to listen to our message. The rules of the game have changed my friend. 

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