Recycle content to improve SEO

After collecting data, analyzing them, weighing them and reaching certain conclusions, buy youtube views you produce a great article that has a great impact on your audience. A fresh, unique and interesting content . No doubt your target audience will appreciate it, but also Google.

The problem comes when that content is not so fresh within a few months (depending on your sector). Then a user will arrive at the article hoping to find fresh information, and it will not be, abandoning the article almost at the moment. Google will detect this and detract from the page. The content is no longer of interest because it is obsolete .

The solution? The recycling of contents.

Recycling content to improve SEO

First of all when the article is fresh, we should make the most of it to take advantage of the initial pull. An article in a blog, can easily become an infographic, an infographic in a presentation on SlideShare, which in turn can become a video on YouTube, which can also be shared in each of these forms in the social networks of the brand … etc. In this way the article does not remain only in the blog , it is transformed and expanded to reach new dimensions in different media.

Refresh obsolete content

But when the content begins to become obsolete, we must also take action on the matter by reviewing and updating the content to renew the interest of users and search engines, for this:

  • We will review the texts , paying special attention to the keywords . It is a good time to use new keywords, both main and long tail.
  • We will also review the structure of the blog post (Titles, bold, enumerations …), Can we make the content more readable?
  • As for the content: Can you bring something new? What information has become obsolete? Can you provide new data?
  • We must not forget to check the links , do they work correctly or are they broken? Are they still directing us towards content of interest and usefulness?
  • Another point to review is the density of keywords . At the time perhaps they were abused, but with the latest updates of the Panda algorithm, it may be a very high (and punishable) keyword density.

Last but not least, we must not forget to update all the additional content that was created from the original content . (Presentation, infographics, video …) and of course re-launching all the updated content through all the brand’s social networks.

If after reviewing the content, we determine that it does not compensate to update it, we can tell the bots of the search engines that they do not waste time indexing that content, so that they focus on indexing the most current content of the page.

Do you practice content recycling? Tell us about your experience

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