Google and its improvement in artificial intelligence: Rankbrain

Google is already providing us with smarter search results thanks to RankBrain buy youtube views

Google implements its algorithms in its search engine with a primary goal: to offer the most relevant results, quickly and no matter how the search was planned.

They created RankBrain, an artificial intelligence system that has been in operation since 2015 and is based on learning.

Thanks to RankBrain, Google claims that its search engine does not focus only on the  , because in many cases if the word or expression is not well written, the searches may not be understood by a machine. RankBrain converts words into “vectors”, mathematical entities destined to be understood by the search engine.

It is an artificial intelligence system that in a short time could reach the degree of ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) in the near future.

ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) : Narrow Artificial Intelligence) : It is a limited intelligence, but not for that reason to have real human intelligence (strong AI), to have mind, mental states or consciousness.

Does it affect the SERP of websites in Spain?

Undoubtedly takes time to affect the search results, providing more relevant results for users based on your query.

In this case, RankBrain does not value the quality of content like Penguin and Panda, nor does it even pretend to be a new version of these or of Hummingbird (hummingbird).

The algorithms of Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and RankBrain

Mainly Google SEO focused on Hummingbird and Panda:

  • Hummingbird (Hummingbird): is responsible for managing and linking the information in Google, to be able to sort it in the search results.
  • Penguin and Panda: value the quality and freshness of the content (in addition to the already known penalties for black hat SEO practices like the massive linkbuilding).

RankBrain has become the third that simultaneously influences search results, constantly learning and evolving with each new search so that the next one offers an even more relevant result in less time.

This means that RankBrain has been influencing the SERP for some time, being responsible for interpreting both ambiguous and new queries. Learning from the user’s response to the results offered to determine if these have been relevant or not and to be able to take it into account for future searches.

RankBrain’s own successful operation is therefore the user’s own response to the search results. Depending on the user’s interaction, Google can determine which is the best page that fits the query made.

What factors do RankBrain consider?

When converting searches into mathematical entities (called vectors) for the understanding of artificial intelligence, it takes into account factors such as:

  • The time at which the query was made
  • Ads displayed in the search result
  • The associated domain of the displayed pages
  • The anchor text of the link of each of these pages
  • The number of search sessions performed by the user until they find what they are looking for.

These are just some of the most important factors, but they help us better understand the performance of RankBrain.

Given the nature of the factors of data collection and analysis of them, RankBrain is not intended to generate any type of positioning penalty, but that will influence impartially in the search results, because with the passage of time will be refining your “artificial intuition” to determine what results the user is really looking for, especially in the cases that matter most to Google, those searches in which the user does not know exactly how to express what they are looking for (ambiguous, generic searches, imprecise, etc.).

How does RankBrain benefit online merchants?

Online merchants, and brands in general, will also benefit, although in principle it does not seem so. Users arriving through a natural search result provided by RankBrain, will be potential customers truly interested in the content of the page, because Google will have determined that the contents of the page can be exactly the content that the user is looking for. But without a doubt, this implies that content marketing should not let down its guard and stay more active than ever, generating fresh, interesting and useful content for users.

The AI ​​of Google has been implanted for some time, but now its learning through millions of searches has begun to bear fruit. Over time it will be even more accurate and faster. For the benefit of all, but especially of the users.

Do you think RankBrain will hurt or benefit your page? Leave us your opinion.

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