Free Samples: An Effective Marketing Strategy?

You really wanted to talk about the subject of free samples, as I think they can be a very effective Branding tool of many brands, and especially I think it can be a very attractive element for use by Online Stores or Ecommerce board of directors email database . This marketing strategy is called Sampling and consists of sending a test of our products for free and with a clear objective and promotional component.

Sampling is a strategy that is reborn from its ashes like El Fenix ​​and every so often it appears as a very strong and useful marketing strategy for companies.

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What is behind a free sample?
If you send a free sample to a client’s home, what you’re looking for is loyalty and that this customer talks about your product, that is, what we are encouraging is the word of mouth of a lifetime and that such good results have always been dice.

But we must think very well about the marketing strategy that involves the sending of a free sample, and logically it is not good to send anything and we have to take care very well until the last detail of this sample that we are going to send.

Best known examples of free samples
Free samples for Babies
If you have been a parent you will know that before your baby is born it is very likely that you will start receiving free samples of baby magazines, creams, and so on, etc., and of course you receive it at the right time, and of course They get the goal. I remember that we were subscribed a year to one of these magazines, hehehe.

A brand that knows how to exploit this from the samples is Giant Dodot.

free dodot samples

Analyzing this example we can find several interesting features:

Valid promotion until end of stocks. In this way, if we do not have stock of the samples, we can say that we have warned you, what is not ready?
In the lower part we can find conditions of the offer such as:
The period for receipt is within a maximum period of 1 (one) month.
Only one shipment per household will be made.
This promotion is only valid for deliveries in Spanish territory.
We should not leave any “loose fringe” and we must make very clear the conditions that must be met or meet to be able to request one of our free trials.

Free samples of Makeup
Free makeup samples is another good example of this brand advertising strategy. Makeup is a product that occupies very little space and is very easy to send to the home of any person.

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Here you have an example of a free sample offered by the company Clarins as a reward when making a purchase of more than € 60 and € 100.

free sample clarins

If we analyze the promotion we can see that it appears in a pop up, but it only appears the first time you access the page, so it is very well thought of as an incentive strategy for the sale. Would you buy in this online store?

Free samples of perfumes or cosmetics
When you go to buy a perfume or a cosmetic there are large surfaces that usually give you free samples of other products so you can know them. This strategy, despite being widely used, is still effective as most buyers accept and appreciate receiving these samples.

Here I give you an example of a free promotion of the year 2014 of Lacoste.

free sample lacoste live

In the case of this Lacoste perfume, a promotion was made for a certain period of time.

Free demos of videogames
The video game industry has also realized the potential of offering these demos for free, to encourage their purchase. I think it has happened to all of us that we have downloaded a free version of the game to our son and then he liked it so much that he asked us to buy the full version.

Here we could have gone to any of the brands of consoles or apps, but for the example I decided to choose the Xbox 360 console that offers a whopping 326 demos on its website.

free demo xbox360

I assure you that it is a strategy that works like a charm.

Free WordPress Templates
This marketing strategy also applies to the sale of digital or virtual products such as a WordPress template or theme, and for this occasion I brought you a Spanish company called CPO Themes, which makes very professional themes and offers a free version of many of them so we can try it.

cpo themes

Are free samples effective to attract customers?
Many companies offer free samples of their products and / or services in order to get customers who are interested in what we offer. When you try a product, whatever it is, the user is more likely to buy the product if he likes it.