Best Digital Marketing Conferences in 2018 Online and Presencial

Attending the Digital Marketing Congresses is becoming a great way to meet other professionals in the sector and why not, also close trade agreements.

More and more people and organizations decide to Italy Email Lists organize digital marketing events to publicize their brand and gain ground in a sector as competitive as marketing.

Moreover, now it is not necessary to organize them in person, because more and more online marketing congresses are appearing via streaming.

And this is a great facility, because we will be able to continue from anywhere in the world.

Of course, I personally like to attend the marketing congresses in person.

Being able to meet more people who share the same passions and interests as you, is something that you have to live in person.

Real networking is done from person to person.

But we can not always go to see all the events that we would like, so the online digital marketing congresses are also an excellent opportunity to continue training in such a changing and dynamic sector and keep up to date with the latest news and trends.

In the previous edition, the 13,000 registrations were exceeded and this year it is on the same path, in addition it has more than 16 hours of free training and 32 speakers from 10 different nationalities.

Each time we will see more specialized congresses by areas that address in depth specific aspects of digital marketing.

And proof of this is this Online Congress of Email Marketing that brings together great specialists in the sector where you will learn key aspects of email marketing such as:

  • The most important metrics to optimize campaigns.
  • Effective strategies to duplicate the lists.

Create automations

If you are thinking of doing online courses, this virtual marketing congress is specialized in that.

It is a free event that lasts 3 days and in which more than 20 people specialized in the online training sector tell you a series of techniques and strategies to be able to monetize your training

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