10 free programs to convert speech into text Speech Recognition

Save time when writing long texts such as emails, teaching papers, articles for the blog, just using the voice, you know how? using the function of transcribing voice to text , ie convert audio to text using online programs and totally free.

If we refer to mobiles, and less and less we send text Switzerland email lists messages by whatsapp or by email, and we prefer to send voice notes, so it is easy to think that in a short time this functionality of passing audio to text from our own mobile device will be a essential and basic element in our communication.

So I will tell you a series of online tools with which you can convert your voice into text very easily and from any computer, and then I will mention some apps that you can use as the typical voice dictation programs but with the peculiarity that we can convert also that audio in text.

Are you ready to save hundreds of hours “pounding” your computer keyboard?

I encourage you to try some of these online voice recognition programs .

I finish with a different app that integrates very well with the whatsapp app, and through which we can convert audios into texts. This can be very useful when you go down the street and the noise does not let you hear the audio that you just sent by whatsapp.

This application allows you to transcribe the audio to text in WhatsApp, this can be very useful if you have friends who send you audio and when you want to listen to them, you can not or you are on the street and you do not hear it clearly, so you can know what it is that you they say without needing to listen to the audio. Fantastic, is not it?

With this selection of programs you can convert audio into text easily and from your computer and any mobile device.

Save time and forget about spending hours and hours typing on your computer, and instead convert your voice into text.

Now you can write articles of several thousand words in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes. All these programs are excellent translators from voice to text , so you will have no excuse to pass your audios to text, and save it on your computer in txt or word format (doc).

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