What are the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing?

The fact of being able to communicate with your subscriber thanks to having your email is without a doubt a great advantage. But not the only one. However, you also have to consider the B side of the disc. It’s never all pink.

Advantages of email marketing

  1. Trust:  email is the best channel to earn the trust of a reader. And that is essential for you to buy your services or products.
  2. Cost: at the beginning, with the free version of MailChimp you will have enough. Do you doubt about how much money you need to launch your blog? Take a look at this post and you will have a budget in 5 minutes .
  3. Speed:  the results of an email marketing campaign feel very soon. Normally, in about 3 days.
  4. ROI: this is the digital marketing strategy that has the highest return. For every euro invested it is estimated that you earn € 35. That means an ROI of 3,500%.
  5. Automations:  much of the potential is here. Creating an autoresponder to apply a sales funnel is the same as having a vitamin dealer selling your products. And all working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  6. Segmentation / personalization: with any email marketing software you can create segments within your mailing list. This will allow you to further personalize the reader’s experience and offer only what you are interested in. Remember Seth Godin: the key is to give people what they want, nothing more.
  7. Fidelity: by being contributing value to the subscriber on a regular basis you will generate loyalty. It is the concept of reciprocity of Cialdini’s laws of persuasion.
  8. Statistics:  there are more complete tools than others, but all have a section of statistics in which you can check which are the campaigns that work best for you. Here it is important that you are aware of the opening rate, percentage of CTR (clicks on links) and number of casualties per campaign.

Disadvantages of email marketing

  1. Cost: when you reach a certain number of subscribers you will have to pay for the premium version of your email marketing tool or you will do it directly if you use any alternative to MailChimp.
  2. Competition: each email you send will have to fight against the rest of the emails that accumulate in the inbox. If your issue does not attract the user’s attention, it will be discarded forever. And everything in a few thousandths of a second.
  3. Training:  As I said before, it’s not about sending an email just because. Ideally, you should learn about sales funnels, copywriting and email marketing to get more results.

I’ll be frank:  an online business that does not attract subscribers is like a company without a client portfolio . Without email there is no way to contact a person. You lose the option to tell him that:

  • You have a new post on the blog.
  • You made a mistake and you want to apologize.
  • You launched a new product that will be very useful.

Without email there is no communication. You simply do not have a client.