TiedCo Announces the Launch of Tiedcoin – the Worlds First Japanese Stablecoin – An Exclusive Partnership with the BeaXchange Trading Platform

TiedCo has announced the release of a new stablecoin, fully collateralized by euro (EUR) and yen (JPY,) and capable of being traded on the fully-featured cryptocurrency trading platform beaXchange.com.
Its release marks the entry of Japan to the stablecoin market with the worlds first Yen denominated cryptocurrency.
TiedCo has partnered with beaXchange.com to allow trading of these innovative stablecoins on that platform. The terms of release of the two TiedCoins on beaXchange.com provide for TiedCo to act as a market maker of these coins and to stand in the market to buy-back all coins issued at near face value.
This innovative market making and buy-back facility allows for greater liquidity in these coins and the ability of holders to convert the coins to fiat currency in a simple and transparent manner.

The ‘stable’ coin: A necessary part of the market

While at first the idea of having a cryptocurrency that’s backed by “stable” fiat currencies can sound ridiculous, having some understanding of the cryptocurrency market and its current problems can help understand why they are considered necessary these days.
Many reports highlight that cryptocurrency transactions take long, but that’s not really the case. Most crypto transactions actually happen within seconds, although there are indeed limitations on the transactions per second depending on the blockchain used.
When fiat currency is used to fuel crypto transactions the process can be slow. Since the cryptocurrency market is anything but stable, this places many investors or would-be investors at the risk of buying something today that will be worth much less thereafter. Somehow, selling something today to receive only a fraction of its current value two days from now is less than heartening.
Stablecoins provide a hedge against the drawbacks of traditional cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins essentially enhances the transaction cycle by expediting the conversion of unstable currencies to stable ones or otherwise instantaneously. To also convert from stablecoins to fiat gives fewer worries as the trader is assured that there will be little or no depreciation of the expected value of the cryptocurrency.
How Stablecoins Work While stablecoins have existed for a while now, it’s only these days that their impact on the market is being noted. Specifically, from the get-go, there was a lot of distrust of them and discussions on how they would work – or why they would work at all – commonly hugged the headlines
In fact, it was only late in 2018 that it became clear that the market could embrace stablecoins. One of the main reasons people kept away from cryptocurrencies was their volatility, and stablecoins provided an escape from that.
There are two operational models for stablecoins.
The first model for stablecoins was algorithmic. That is, the stablecoins were both generated and marketed based on an algorithm that attempted to artificially keep the coin at a given value – in much the same way that central banks often do to keep fiat currency values at certain prices.
The problem with this type of coin for many is that they have no backup whatsoever. This is important because it means the stablecoin, though meant to be stable, could well tumble and be worthless overnight, either by a market shift or an algorithm error. That’s why there’s a second type of cryptocurrency – one with actual backups. These backups are kept by the companies issuing them and can be either in other fiat currencies or in properties with assured values. Given the inherent backing of the coin with a tangible asset, the stablecoin can’t tumble, because there is actual money behind it, and stablecoins are issued and operational based on the interplay of demand and supply.
That second category is where Tied sits.
Tied: A Fiat Stablecoin Tiedcoin comes in two options at present – Tied2EUR and Tied2JPY.

Will Stablecoins Really Work?

One of the main holdups of the crypto market for many, as already stated, is its volatility. This volatility isn’t expected to cease anytime soon. Fiat-backed stablecoins give investors a relatively risk-free environment where they can jump in and out of the market at will.
Clearly, the stablecoins market is growing and experts predict they’ll help drive crypto adoption. While not all stablecoins might move in that direction, it’s at this point obvious they’ll be a big part of the market. Among all stablecoins, fiat-backed ones are the most likely to succeed. If we add the many extras that Tiedcoins brings to the mix, there’s hardly a better option to explore right now