Choosing an Analytics Program

An important element in any SEO plan is analytics — the method by which you monitor the effectiveness of your web site. Analytics are the metrics that show you how pages, links, keywords, and other elements of your web site are performing. If your web host hasn’t provided you with […]

Before You Build Your Site

One of the most common misconceptions about SEO is that it should be implemented after a web site has been built. It can be, but it’s much harder. A better option is to consider SEO even before you begin to build your web site, if that’s at all possible. It […]

Site interactivity

When the Internet first came into being, web sites were all about disclosing information. The only interaction between a web site and a user was the reading the user did while on the site. Today, reading is still important. Users search for web sites to learn more about products, services, […]

Some SEO Trends Need to Know for 2015

For example, Google is taking a hardline methodology. Shady external link establishment strategies (think Rap Genius), low quality substance and terrible configuration are simply a couple of the elements bringing on sites to get punished. So what's worked for your business in the past may no more work, and truth […]