Advertise on Facebook Ads The best advertising guide on Facebook!

Do you want to know how to advertise on Facebook Ads in the best possible way?  buy youtube views Here we bring you an article about Facebook advertising that can help you in the face of your online marketing strategy for this year.

We will help you understand how Facebook (the king of advertising currently) can be a great ally in your Digital Marketing strategy. Of course, we will give you some tips on how to optimize them in relation to the goals you have set for yourself. And to begin with we must first know what it is, how it is used and its benefits.

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Why promote yourself in Facebook Ads?

Talking about Facebook figures is talking about success. At the end of 2016 it was estimated that it had 1,230 million active users. Currently the figure would already reach 2,000 million.  

Based on these numbers, we see that Facebook Ads makes sense for most businesses, since it is a quick, effective and economic tool to reach a large number of potential customers. In addition, the ads can be customized to the maximum thanks to the information that the platform has of the users. You can create campaigns targeting very specific targets. In summary: its scope and personalization potential is very high, so it represents a great opportunity!

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Advertising within Facebook

The first thing you need to know is that your ads can be placed on four different platforms :

  • within Facebook itself
  • on Facebook messenger
  • On Instagram
  • and on Audience Network

Although this time we will focus on advertising within Facebook . Here your ads will impact users in various locations, such as the section of the feed next to your friends’ posts, the right column, the instant articles, the instream videos and the suggested videos, and they will be shown on both computers and mobile devices.

Targets Advertising in Facebook Ads

An important aspect to keep in mind when launching this type of advertising on Facebook are your advertising objectives . This is very important because according to the goal or need you have, Facebook will suggest the type of ad that could work best. And how does he do it? simple, at the time of creating a new ad through your tool, Facebook will ask you to select a goal for the campaign.

Facebook proposes 3 types of objectives :

  • Recognition
  • Prestige
  • Conversion

Within each goal Facebook offers certain options to optimize your ad to the maximum.

1 # Recognition

Within recognition , the following options can be selected:

  • Interaction with the publication : this would be when you want to promote the publications of the company page and encourage people to interact with your publication.
  • I like the page: to increase the number of followers.
  • Local diffusion : to announce your company to people who are close to it.
  • Notoriety of the brand : to reach the largest number of people most likely to be interested in it.
  • Scope : to reach as many users as possible.

2 # Prestige

If you aim for prestige, there are the following possibilities:

  • Clicks on the website : when you want to bring traffic to the website.
  • Application downloads : to get more downloads of your app.
  • Responses to events : we will use it to encourage more people to attend your event.
  • Video reproductions: so that as many people as possible see your audiovisual content.
  • Generation of potential customers : when you want to capture data from people interested in your business.

3 # Conversion

And finally, when your goal is the conversion are the following types of campaigns:

  • Conversions on the website : when you are looking to contribute to your online sales.
  • Interaction with the application : to get users to interact with your app.
  • Requests for offers : when you want to promote your offers.
  • Sales of the product catalog to automatically display products from your catalog according to the target audience.
  • Visits in the business : to get more people to enter the door of your store.

The formats offered by Facebook Ads

Another factor to take into account to unravel the universe of is that there are several possible ad formats :

  • Ads with photo
  • Video ads
  • Presentation : several videos or images that are automatically presented to the user and that lead to a specific URL are displayed.
  • Sequence : when several products are shown in a single advertisement and the user clicks to see the next product. Each image directs to a different product URL.
  • Canvas : is a personalized mobile advertising experience with a high loading speed.
  • Collection Ads: when a product catalog is presented and creates a group of previews per product in image or video.

Now it’s a matter of experimenting! First of all, remember that you have to be clear about what you want to achieve and go through tests with format combinations according to your objectives. You should be creative, make tests and be very analytical with the results to find out what type of advertisement is better. Facebook has everything calculated and with all these options it offers, it is very easy to guide your campaigns to achieve your goals.